Top 5 Uses for Reclaimed Building Materials

October 30, 2012

Using reclaimed building materials in home improvement projects isn’t new, especially in recycling-minded Portland. But it seems that lately homeowners are turning to reclaimed building materials in more and more interesting and creative home improvement projects. The following are five of our favorite uses for reclaimed building materials


Reclaimed Heart Pine from Fantastic Floor

1. Hardwood Floors

Probably the easiest way to use reclaimed building materials in a home remodeling project is to install reclaimed or salvaged hardwood flooring material. There’s a big market for reclaimed hardwood flooring these days, with flooring companies across the company offering reclaimed hardwood in such varieties as rustic Douglas fir, distressed oak, and heart pine.


2. Doors

Another easy way to use reclaimed building materials in your home improvement project is to install interesting antique doors. Many Portland reclaimed building material supply stores have boatloads of unique doors and frames for sale. And don’t think doors are just for doorways! Reclaimed doors have many different creative uses, including coffee tables, pantry sliders, and shelving.


3. Patios

Recycled and reclaimed materials such as brick, stone, gravel, and glass can be used to make interesting patio edgings, borders, and paths. Using surplus materials from construction sites or reclaimed material supply stores helps reduce the amount of waste that goes into your local landfill and will guarantee you end up with a unique, interesting patio design.


4. Wainscoting

Many Portland homeowners know the benefits of wainscoting – it’s durable, protects the walls from damage caused by doorknobs, children, and pets, and it makes an attractive addition to any wall. You can use salvaged or leftover hardwood from construction sites or reclaimed material supply stores to create a unique wainscoting or baseboard designs that will look great and offer the same protection as new wainscoting.


5. Fireplaces and Firepits 

Bricks from old chimneys can be reused to make family room fireplaces that have a rustic, antique look. They can also be used to create fantastic fire pits in your backyard. Make sure to inspect the bricks before using them, tossing away any that are starting to crumble or are otherwise in bad shape.


Curious about other ways to use reclaimed building materials in your home improvement projects? Give us a call today at 503-515-3171 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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