Preparing Your Deck for Spring

April 23, 2012

Exterior decking can really take a beating during the wet Portland winters. Come spring, many homeowners are excited to dust off the old deck and start enjoying the sun, but where to start? The following are five simple steps you can take to make sure your outdoor deck is ready for the nice Portland weather:


spring exterior decking


1. Clear it off.

This part’s easy – simply clear off any furniture, barbeques, pots, and planters. A lot of deck furnishings and pottery can rot or break during the winter, so check to make sure everything looks as nice as you’d like it to for spring outdoor entertaining.


2. Clean it off.

Start with a high-powered leaf blower, if you have one, and blast off any dead leaves, dirt, and debris. After you’ve removed the more noticeable nasties, we suggested taking a power washer to your deck to thoroughly remove any mold or rotting wood that could cause problems for you down the road. Be careful with the washer, though – going overboard with the power wash can strip off finish and paint.


3. Replace what needs replacin’.

In cases of extreme winter weather, Portland outdoor decking boards can sometimes warp, rot, or bend. Instead of replacing your entire deck, call a Portland home remodeling company experienced with outdoor decking to replace any broken or warped boards (may we suggest Improvement Remodeling?). This costs a lot less than a complete deck replacement, and takes less time, too.


4. Refinish what needs refinishin’.

Even if you were very careful with the power washer, deck paint and finishes can chip and peel during the winter months. Bust out the leftover stain or paint or find one that matches your deck’s color and touch up the spots that look faded or worn. Make sure to wait for consistently warm weather, though – an unexpected rainstorm can ruin hours of refinishing work in a matter of minutes.


5. Enjoy!

You’ve worked hard and are ready to reap the benefits. Well, what are you waiting for? Replace the deck furniture or buy some new stuff, fire up the grill or outdoor kitchen, invite over some friends, and bask in the well-deserved accolades!


Like any Portland home remodeling project, preparing your deck for sunny weather requires basic understanding of home repair and construction. If you aren’t experienced in the above-mentioned tasks, or simply don’t have the time to do it, call Improvement Remodeling today - we’d be more than happy to help.

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