Pouring Concrete? Call a Pro.

July 19, 2013

There are lots of home improvement and remodel projects you can tackle yourself, but pouring concrete should not be one of them. There are several important factors that, if neglected, could leave your poured concrete full of cracks or looking like a flaky, buttery biscuit. Here are some reasons to leave concrete projects to concrete pouring professionals:


Adverse Weather
As much as some of us might like to be Storm, we are not mutants who can control the weather. Hot, cold and rainy weather can all have severely damaging effects on concrete and unknowing pourers.

Mixing Right
It’s important to get the ratio of ingredients exactly right when mixing or you can end up with wet concrete that is weak when it hardens or dry concrete that will crumble.

Surface Scaling
If concrete is not air entrained, water and other chemicals can seep in and expand and it, causing surface layers to flake off. Concrete in climates with freezing and thawing is especially prone to this.

There’s lots of different potential causes for this, such as too much water in the mix or the concrete drying too quickly. Point is, these aren’t wise cracks.

Improper troweling of the top layer can lead to hollow bumps of varying sizes on the surface, giving your concrete the appearance of having chicken pox.


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