Dual Shower Heads: Go Ahead, Spoil Yourself!

July 24, 2013

On the surface, two shower heads might just sound like a waste of water. But as you study the concept of dual shower heads more closely, you’ll see that they add new levels of luxury and practicality to your Portland bathroom. Benefits include:


Bringing The Heat

Adding an additional stream of warm water basically amplifies everything you love about a hot shower. Dual shower heads are especially handy in the winter months when one side of your body stays toasty while the other f-f-f-freeeeezes!


The More, The Merrier

If you bathe your kids together, or want a romantic shower with your significant other, dual shower heads ensure that two people can get clean faster and not have to constantly jostle to be the one under the hot water. A dual head feature also allows two people to shower simultaneously with the different temperatures that they prefer.


Useful As You Age

Having another shower head set at a lower level, or having it mobile, is a great way to make your shower safer as you age. Being able to access a shower head from a sitting position greatly increases shower safety.


Saves More Water

The newer shower heads available on the market often come with adjustable flows. If you want to save on water, you can adjust one or both heads to a lower setting.


See? Luxury, functionality, and efficiency!  Are you planning a bathroom remodeling project that includes dual shower heads? Let the professionals at Improvement Remodeling help! Give us a call at 504-515-3171 today!


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