Check Out this Awesome Secret Door (and make your own!)

January 14, 2013

hidden door

Admit it: When you were a kid you would have killed for a secret passageway in your home. The mystery! The secrecy! The passagewayness!


Well, you might not have the space to build a full-blown secret passageway, but as this great video shows, you can have the next best thing – a secret door!


As you can see, the secret door in the video is made out of pretty simple material, like foam board and insulation tape, and installed on an existing doorframe. It might not be the most practical DIY project (the door in the video was created for a superhero-themed Halloween party), but it sure would be fun to have around for a little while at least, especially if you have kids.


Take a look at the video for inspiration, and read all about the construction process here.



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