Best Garden Veggies for Early Summer

June 3, 2013

The time for picnics and barbeques is just around the corner. That’s right – we’re talking about summer. With the heat comes warmer soil in your garden, the perfect time to plant fruits and vegetables and stock your outdoor kitchen with lots of summer treats. In Portland, we’re all about fresh and local produce, and it doesn’t get any more fresh or local than in your own garden. Here are some examples of the best fruits and veggies to plant in the May-June season:


This fruit comes in lots of different shapes and sizes. Tomatoes make great garnishes for burgers and salads, and there are different tastes and textures for any occasion.


Cucumbers are a fast-growing fruit that come in either a vine or a bush variety. Keep in mind that vine cucumbers need more space than their bush counterparts.


Sweet or otherwise, corn grows quickly and is always a delicious choice when picked right off the stock.


Basil and other sun-loving herbs such as oregano and thyme are good garden choices, spicing up your dishes and withstanding the heat of summer better than lots of other plants.


Sweet melons like cantaloupe and sugar baby watermelon are great for picnics or a quick, healthy dessert. Honestly, how could it be a summer without watermelon?


Summer squash
Squash and zucchini are another nice choice. These plants are hardier than most and generally keep producing until autumn.


These plants are excellent choices for early summer before the temperature gets too high. Need help designing and building your own backyard veggie garden? No sweat! The professionals at Improvement Remodeling have years of experience with outdoor kitchens and other backyard renovations. Contact us today to get your garden growing!


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