Aniline Dyes: Keep Portland (Flooring) Weird!

May 7, 2012

For most of Oregon’s history, Portland home improvement professionals have had one option for giving color to a hardwood floor: staining it. Even today, many Portland home remodeling companies have staining as the only weapon in their color-finishing arsenal. But there is another method for applying color to wood floors that opens up a whole new world of design possibilities: aniline dyes.



Unlike conventional stains, aniline dyes are available in, literally, any color you can imagine — crimson, teal, emerald — for an eye-popping effect that goes far beyond what stains can achieve. It’s important to note that dyes are perfectly transparent — they soak directly into the finished wood surface, allowing whatever grain is already present to show through. And because Portland homeowners are a bit more adventurous than those in other cities, this exciting option seems well-suited to our Northwest homes.


There are a few caveats: aniline dyes are significantly more challenging to apply than conventional stains, and if they’re not applied with great care, the finish can have an uneven appearance. When choosing a Portland home improvement company for this job, make sure they’re experienced with this new and challenging process.


Finally, because applying a dye color to a hardwood floor is such an exacting, training-intensive process, you can expect to pay more for it than you’d pay for a conventional finish.


That said, many Portland homeowners consider the drawbacks well worth it for an effect that can’t be matched any other way! Contact Improvement Remodeling today to learn more about transforming your home with a funky aniline dye job.


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