Accessory Dwelling Units: What Are They, And What Are The Benefits?

April 12, 2012

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are quickly becoming one of the most popular home improvement projects in Portland. Improvement Remodeling has built accessory dwelling units for homeowners throughout the Portland-Metro area, with many ADUs popping up in the Belmont and Hawthorne area. We handle every aspect of Portland accessory dwelling units, from design to construction to detailing. But what is an accessory dwelling unit, exactly? And why are they so popular? Why, we thought you’d never ask


What is an accessory dwelling unit?

An accessory dwelling unit is an stand-alone living space that is built on your existing property. Often called mother-in-law apartments, ADUs traditionally feature separate entrances, kitchens, baths, bedrooms, and other common apartment features.


What are the benefits of an accessory dwelling unit?

There are many different benefits to building a accessory dwelling unit in Portland. Not only do they give you an extra living space to rent out (and earn some extra cash), but they add to the value of your home and can fix the problem of a cramped living situation. For some Portland homeowners, there may even be tax benefits that apply to building a ADU on your property.


Are there any restrictions on building accessory dwelling units in Portland?

Like any major construction project, there may be specific permits or permissions involved in building a Portland accessory dwelling unit. Contact Improvement Remodeling today to find out if your home qualifies for an ADU.



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