6 Home Remodeling Tips for Baby Boomers

November 27, 2012

If you’re one of the 77 million baby boomers approaching retirement age, you are probably starting to think about updating your homestead to better accommodate the exciting next stage of your life. You’re planning on staying active, working, and having fun, and you’ll need a house that meets your needs. That’s why it’s a good idea to start thinking about and starting your home improvement projects now. At Improvement Remodeling, we have extensive experience helping freshly retired Portland homeowners revamp their homes with helpful room upgrades that incorporate stylish, universal design principles.

Home modifications for baby boomers


It’s important you have a good plan in mind before starting on any home improvement projects, and creating a more retirement-friendly house is no exception. The following are six tips that will help you develop a comprehensive remodeling plan and implement it correctly.


1. Hire a pro.

For retirees, certain home improvement remodeling professionals are better than others. Certain contractors and companies specialize in remodeling projects and home modifications for those that plan on growing old in their homes. Visit the National Association of Homebuilders website to learn more about Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS) builders.


2. Lose the steps.

As you age, even the simplest tasks can before a chore. Carrying a bag of groceries or pushing your grandchild’s stroller into your house may not be a problem now, but in ten or fifteen years it may be quite a daunting task. Making entrances step-free, wider, and easier to open can make everyday life a lot easier.


3. Add more lights.

Improving the lighting scheme of your house can make your leisure and work time a lot easier. Add more lamps and task lights in well-used rooms like the kitchen, study, home office, and bedroom – your eyes will thank you for it.


4. A rail can work wonders.

Home modifications for baby boomers don’t have to be dramatic or over-the-top. Something as simple as a support handrail in the shower or stairway can often make moving about your home a lot easier without being too distracting.


5. Keep it flat.

You may love the spiral staircase in your three-story Victorian now, but as you age each step is going to become more of a pain in the butt (and knees, and ankles, and hips, etc.). Make sure everything you need – bedroom, bathroom, washer and dryer, office, TV – is on the first floor of your home and easily accessible.


6. Don’t wait!

You probably don’t want to spend the first few months of retirement remodeling your home, but the longer you wait the harder the projects may become. You don’t want to make home modifications that you won’t be needing for a decade, of course, but there are some projects that you can start now and have ready for when you do need them. Talk with a professional at Improvement Remodeling today to start developing a home modification plan that will fit your lifestyle and budget and will address specific medical needs that may arise in the future.


As an active, retired baby boomer, you’ve got many, many years left in your home – why not make it as comfortable and safe as possible? Contact Improvement Remodeling today for more information on age-related home modifications. We look forward to hearing from you!


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