5 Unique Holiday Decorating Ideas

December 18, 2012

Even though we're right in the middle of the holiday season, some homeowners are still in the process of decking their halls. Whether your having family over for a visit or hosting a holiday party, decorating your home in a non-traditional style can really wow your guests. Here are five great ways you can turn the traditional Christmas decorating scheme on its head. 


unique christmas tree


Get a different type of tree.

Everyone loves a tall, fat pine, but sometimes less is more. Try substituting a bonsai tree or cactus in place of a traditional Christmas tree. Or, if you can't imagine the holidays without the smell of pine needles, try trimming the bottoms of the trees so only the top half remains. This funky style gives you the feel of a traditional tree without taking up so much space.


Change up the location of your decorations.

Wreaths are great for your front door, but have you considered putting one in the bathroom? And why should the tree remain in the living room when it would look equally stunning in the kitchen? Varying the placement of your traditional decorations can make them seem fresh and fun again.


Make decorations out of non-traditional materials.

The idea behind this is to use something you love throughout the rest of the year as the building block of a new holiday decoration. Our favorite example of this is using hardcover books to make a tree. Does your child have a lot of stuffed animals? Why not dress them up as elves and create a whole Santa's Workshop scene? You can even use wrapping paper and ribbon to create snowflakes and garlands. 


Use gifts as decorations.

Most people just put their unwrapped gifts under the tree. Why not integrate them into the decorating scheme? A few strategically placed gifts on a mantle or coffee table can add that extra pinch of cheer you've been looking for.


Use candles instead of string lights.

Not only do string lights use a lot of electricity, they can look kind of tacky during the day. Candles, on the other hand, offer the same soft glow as string lights and look great as decorations, even when they're not lit. Candles scented with cinnamon or peppermint also add another sensory level of holiday cheer to your home.


What are your favorite non-traditional holiday decorating tips? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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