5 Remodeling Projects That Scream, “I Love You!”

February 7, 2013

Valentine’s Day is only a week away, and if you’re like many Portland homeowners you’re probably scrambling around for a last-minute gift that encapsulates all those warm, squishy feelings you have for your significant other.  While some people are foolishly meandering the mall looking for boxes of sub-par chocolate and silky undergarments that will be never worn, why not plan a Valentine’s Day gift that will really make an impression? Why are, of course, talking about a quick and easy home improvement project!


Valentine’s Day home improvement project gifts don’t need to break the bank or take forever to complete. The following are five V-Day remodeling projects that are sure to warm your lover’s heart.


1. A Paint Job

A fresh coat of paint can make a tired, drab room really come alive. It’s also one of the easiest and cheapest Valentine’s Day home improvement gifts you can give. This project is best for people who know their significant others are already planning on painting a room. Make sure to get the color right, and don’t get sloppy! A beautiful paint job may have your significant other swooning, but a sloppy paint job may end with you in the doghouse.


2. A Rose Garden

A dozen red roses is a nice (albeit cliché) Valentine’s Day gesture, but why stop there? Why not give your significant other roses he or she can enjoy all year long? Late winter and early spring are the perfect time to plant roses, and if you visit one of the great nurseries Portland has to offer, you’re bound to get all the professional help you need.


3. New Light Fixtures

Good lighting can dramatically change the mood of any room. If there’s a place in your significant other’s house that you know he or she doesn’t care for, maybe it’s time for a light fixture upgrade! You can stick with a similar style lighting scheme or, if you’re feeling adventurous, go in a completely new direction. Don’t over think it, though. Sometimes all a room needs is a new lampshade or ceiling fixture.


4. A Fixed Problem

This isn’t the most romantic Valentine’s Day gift, but it is one that will be greatly appreciated. Is there a squeaky door in the house that drives your significant other crazy? How about a leaky faucet? Maybe there’s a drafty window in his or her bedroom. A simple Valentine’s Day fix-it gift not only improves your significant other’s quality of life, it also shows that you’ve been paying attention to what drives him or her crazy.


5. Something Crazy Big

Maybe you want to do something really special for your significant other this Valentine’s Day. Well, assuming you have the time and resources, why not plan a major room remodel? Kitchen and bathroom remodels are the most popular of course, but don’t feel limited to just those spaces. And don’t worry about having it done in time for V-Day. Talk with contractors and designers, make all the preparations, and present your loved one with a fully realized room-remodeling plan. This is not only a grand gesture of love, but it also allows him or her to be involved in the project.


What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year? Leave us a comment and let us know! 

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