5 Money-Saving Home Improvement Projects

December 4, 2012

Many homeowners think the best way to cut down on their costs-of-living is to cut back on consumption – use less water, turn off lights when you leave the room, etc. While these are all great ways to lower utility bills and reduce your impact on the environment, there are larger, more long-term changes you can make to your home to help you cut back your energy consumption and save money. The following are five of the most common and most effective money-saving home improvement projects you can


energy efficient home improvement projects


1. Increased Insulation

According to Kateri Callahan, president of the Alliance to Save Energy, roughly half of the homes in the US are not properly insulated. This causes homes to be too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, forcing you to crank up either the AC or the heat. Improving your home’s insulation, especially in crawl spaces and attics, can help you stay more comfortable and save you money.


2. Radiant Heat

Not all home heating systems are created equal. Radiant heat systems are more energy efficient than forced air and baseboard heating systems because they reduce duct loss and rely heavily on convection, the natural circulation of heat that occurs when air within your room is heated. You can learn more about the energy-saving benefits of radiant heat systems at 


3. Energy Efficient Appliances

You may be put off by the higher costs of energy efficient appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers, but the money they save you can really add up. According to a 2010 report by the National Resources Defense Council, energy-efficient appliances use anywhere from 10% - 50% less energy than older models, and can save homeowners hundreds of dollars a year in utility payments.


4. LED Lighting

Fluorescent and incandescent lights are quickly becoming a thing of the past. According to the EPA, LED lighting produced today uses approximately 75% less energy and lasts 35 to 50 times longer than traditional bulbs. They also produce less heat and are less likely to break.


5. Door and Window Sealing

Poorly sealed homes can allow cold air to enter your house and can drive up your heating costs during the blustery Portland winters. Sealing your doors and windows can include traditional caulk, installing or replacing foam weather stripping, and even using rope caulk for thicker gaps.


The professionals at Improvement Remodeling have been helping Portland homeowners save money for years by improving the energy efficiency of their homes. Call us today at 503-515-3171 to discuss your specific energy-efficiency needs!

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